Improve Yourself, Improve Your Golf, Improve Your Tennis, Improve the overall quality of LIFE! Here at Kensington, we are committed to the health and wellness of our members. The freestanding Fitness Center features standard cardio equipment and a complete circuit of strength training machines to provide the most beneficial workout. The Center also provides health and nutrition lectures to help members stay on the path to overall wellness.

“In so many ways, using the Fitness Center has become an important part of my daily routine. Because of some physical issues last year I had to limit my time on the Pilates Reformer, but thanks to the professional expertise, patience and kindness of Aimee I am working regularly on the Reformer with increased flexibility and much less pain. I look forward to every session with Aimee!” 
- Pat Donnelly, Member of Kensington Golf & Country Club since 2004
“[When] the Titleist fitness program was introduced, I enrolled in the training program with several other members. The Titleist program focuses on body flexibility and strength building. This program definitely has helped me maintain and improve my golf [game].” 
- George Lee, Member of Kensington Golf & Country Club since 2007

  • Pilates Studios
    • Private

      $80 per person for 55 minutes


      $50 per person for 55 minutes

      Group Classes (Three or four)

      $35 per person for 55 minutes

  • Fitness Classes
    • A variety of classes are offered in season which includes, Strength & Tone, Mat Pilates, Yoga, and Men’s Golf Conditioning. Kensington also offers a TPI Program (Titleist Performance Institute) taught by a Level 3 TPI Instructor. This program includes corrective exercises to help you expand your horizons and enjoy the game of a lifetime.


      Titleist Performance Institute TPI physical screening is designed to find the physical limitations that are holding you back from playing your best golf.
      $125 for 60 minutes of TPI training


      $75 for an 55 minute training session


      Barre, TRX, Yoga, Sports Recovery & Stretch, Balancing & Boxing, Swim Fitness, Dance Fitness, and Golf Conditioning for Men & Ladies  
      $15 per Class for Kensington Club Members

  • Personal Training
    • For those seeking more individualized attention, a personal trainer can develop a program targeted specifically for your abilities, limitations and goals.


      $65 for an 55 minute training session


      $45 for an 55 minute training session

      GROUP (Three or More)

      $25 for an 55 minute training session

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