The Social Side

Kensington’s vibrant membership of families, accomplished professionals and community leaders share enriching experiences and create lifelong memories of friendship and fun.


They come together to form groups that share common interests. No one is excluded. The result is a variety of social activities that include book clubs, Mah Jongg, bridge groups, ladies luncheons, cooking classes and many others.

When everyday life just won’t do, Members look to the club’s extensive social calendar. With more than 100 events hosted annually, there’s always something extraordinary happening. It‘s all about having fun, meeting new friends and enjoying life. Events include casino and bingo nights, formal galas, seafood extravaganzas, holiday celebrations, wine tastings, weekly grill nights, live and learn guest speaker series, art festivals, dance and dines and so many others.

Members are also deeply involved in the betterment of the surrounding community. Their philanthropic efforts extend to various local charities through activities such as food drives and golf tournaments. Their generous participation has made a difference for many less fortunate people in Collier County and the surrounding area. The Club is proud of their good work and Kensington’s place in the community.

At Kensington, it’s easy to see why members choose to step out of their ordinary life and into an extraordinary life of fellowship and fun.