Membership Programs

The current offerings are good through September 30, 2017
Preview Golf  

  • Under this program, a prospect may join as a Golf Member for one (1) year, with no opting out, with a $1,000 nonrefundable initiation fee.

  • If the Member converts to a Golf Membership within 90 days, he/she will receive a 20% discount off the full initiation fee for that category of membership, less the $1,000 initiation fee already paid.

  • If the member does not convert within 90 days, he/she must either pay the full initiation fee for that category of membership within one (1) year of the start of his/her preview period, less the $1,000 initiation fee already paid, or leave the Club without further obligation.

The following rules apply to the Preview Golf Membership:

  • A membership may only be previewed one (1) time.

  • Normal dues and food minimums are paid monthly.

  • This offer may not be combined with any other offer.

  • The General Manager may extend the 90-day discount period, dues and fees start date for up to 90 additional days to accommodate sales made during the off season.

  • A Preview Membership is available to upgrades of existing memberships including Sports, Social and Summer Golf.  In the case of existing Sports or Social Members who are previewing an upgraded membership, if they choose not to convert to that membership within one (1) year, they will return to the previous level of membership.

 Social Initiation Fee for New Residents of  Kensington  waived

  • The initiation fee for a  Non-Refundable Social Membership will be waived for all new residents of Kensington who join the Club within 60 days of the closing on their residences inside the Kensington gates.

  • Regular member initiation process applies to all applications.

  • New members are required to pay all fees and dues associated with the Social Membership.

For more information, please contact our Membership Director, Holly Stephens at 239.213.1983 or